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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vmware Update Manager

Install Vcenter Update Manger

Update Manager installation is a fairly simple procedure , i.e traditional Next Next Procedure.Make sure you choose a correct location where patches will  be downloaded and the internet should be accessible from update manger server .

Updating the Hosts using Update Manger

Its one of the most imp component used for upgrading the ESX components .Before we start couple of things to remember , update manager doesn't support windows patching from 5 version . It is used for patching the ONLY ESX hosts . 

Update manager can be used to upgrade following 

  • ESX/ESXi Host 
  • Virtual Appliance 
  • Virtual Machine
Note : ESXi hosts need to connected to vCenter using IP v4. IPv6 machine will not be scanned.
To upgrade both VMs and virtual appliances together , both need to be places under one container
You will not be able to upgrade vCenter vapp using update manger

Pre-requisites :

  1. Make sure the ports are opened , i.e services is started in the security policy of the ESXI host .
  2. ESX host is able to reach the update manger server using DNS name 
  3. update manger server has access to internet to download the patches .
  4. Check the cluster Properties of the host which need to be patched. I.e. disable the Admission control  in HA configuration .

Procedure :

  1. Bring the ESXi host to Maintenance mode
  2. Browse to update manager tab 
  3. click on Scan for updates.
  4. Stage the patches . This will download the patches from update manger to Esx Host.
  5. Now remediate the patches. This is will install the patches to your Esx host .

Screen Captures :

Remediate the patches 

Host Configuration 

Cluster configuration 


You cannot use Update Manager to upgrade a host to ESXi 5.0 if the host was previously upgraded from ESX 3.x to ESX 4.x. Such hosts do not have sufficient free space in the /boot partition to support the Update Manager upgrade process. This problem also affects some 4.x ESX hosts, even if they were not previously upgraded from ESX 3.x. Hosts must have more than 350MB of free space in the /boot partition to support the Update Manager upgrade process. If the host that you are upgrading does not have more than 350MB of free space in the /boot partition, use a scripted or interactive upgrade instead

Remediate Virtual Machine and virtual appliance 

  • You can manually remediate or schedule it 
  • you can choose to remediate the VM during powercycle
  • For Fault tolerant machines , snapshot is not taken while installing VM tools 
  • Update manager will not take the snapshot if the vmtool installation is set during powercycle
  • you can specify whether to delete the snapshot or no.

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