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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

FC Switch Zoning


I have two Hitachi box and 2 new ESX hosts . I need to do the zoning for ESX hosts in the brocade switch so that I can enable the host access to Hitachi Luns.

Pre-requisites :
  1. Note down the HBA details of ESX host                
  2. Hosts need to be connected to the FC switch 
  1. Log in to the FC switch with Admin access.
  2. Select the port where the Host HBA will be connected and set speed to 8 G .
  3. Hit on the Device details and note down the WWN Names.
  4. Browse to Zone Admin Tab . Create a new Alias for Host connectors ( here its four. 0A,0B,0C and 0D) and ESX host HBA cards. 
  5. WWN numbers are automatically fetched when the Controller or hosts are connected.Total Alias created: (2 X1) + (1X 4) + (1X4)    = 10 
  6. Browse to Zone tab  and create new zones for Host access  for  Hitachi Array 1  and Array 2.Total zone : 2 X 2 =4
  7.  Browse to Zone configuration , select the existing zone configuration file
  8.  Add the all the zones
  9.  Click on save configuration. 

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