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Thursday, February 28, 2013

vSphere 5.1 Arch changes

  1. Service console : From 5 version , esx has only "i" version , the service console is completely removed. ESX cli or DCUI is can be used for administration purpose.
  2. VCB - VMware consolidated backup is completely removed.Third party Storage API should be used for backup.
  3. VMI Paravirtulization retirement : Used for Linux systems. Due to advanced featured in CPU , the support for Paravirtulization is removed. To migrated to newer version , paravirtualization should be disabled in the VM.

    Allowing the guest operating system to indicate its intent to the hypervisor, each can cooperate to obtain better performance when running in a virtual machine. This type of communication is referred to as paravirtualization.
  4. No VM Tool BOX GUI: Command line will be still supported.
  5. No Guest OS Customization for windows 2000 OS
  6. NO VMCI Socket support.
  7. CPU Arch: CPUs that contain the Load Register AH From Flags (LAHF) and Store AH Register into Flags (SAHF) CPU instruction sets are supported. 
  8. HA Arch: Master Slave arch used rather than the Primary and Secondary .
  9. Nolonger dependent on DNS. DataStore Heartbeat is used to find the status of the peer systems.And a single log file will be used which makes the troubleshooting handy.
  10. Iscsi port binding is introduced.
  11. DvSwitch : now supports Netflow 5 and port Mirroring.Also supports IEEE 802.1AB standards-based Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP).
    The NetFlow capability provided in vSphere 5 provides the following visibility:
    => Intrahost virtual machine traffic (virtual machine–to–virtual machine traffic on the same host)
    => Interhost virtual machine traffic (virtual machine–to–virtual machine traffic on different hosts)
    => Virtual machine–to–physical infrastructure traffic
  12. Storage vmotion :  Storage vMotion now supports virtual machines in snapshot mode and the migration of linked clones
  13. VAAI - supports thin provisioning and reclaim the dead storage.
  14. VMFS - Latest version is 5
  15. vMotion : Multiple NIC cards can be used . Also new feature - metro vmotion is introduced which is aware of the high latency networks.
  16. vCenter server Appliance 
  17. vSphere Storage appliance - for SMB
  18. Storage DRS
  19. Image Builder 
  20. Auto Deploy:use the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE)
  21. Licensing : CPU based

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