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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Virtual Machine Snapshots

  1. Snapshots cannot be used as the backup solution 
  2. Maximum supported level is 32 . But recommended only 2 to 3 
  3. Snapshot size = no of snapshots * original size of VM
  4. If the original file is delete there is no use of snapshots
  5. Excessive no of snapshots can reduce the the performance of virtual machine as well as the host 

Monitor the Snapshot - Command line .

  1. SSH to the required host 
  2. Browse to the vm folder
  3. watch -d 'ls -luth | grep -E "delta|flat"' - To watch the current vmdk files that are being update
  4. ls -lrt |grep -E "flat|delta" - To check the deletion process.

How to take snapshot of a VM 

Commit the Snapshot 

This operation will write all the changes to the original VMDK file 

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