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Monday, January 28, 2013

vSphere Licensing

There are multiple products involved when we say vsphere .

  1. vmware vsphere Editions :The package includes different products depending on the price ranging .
    Standard Edition : its the starting package available and is  suitable for small environments. Features include - 8 vCPU per VM , Hyper visor ,Vcenter operations,  HA , DRS , vMotion . Vshield endpoint, vsphere replication . hot add, vshield zones , FT, Storage Vmotion .

    Standard Plus
    : Features include - Standard Edition +vCenter operation management Suite , Vcenter protect standard .

    Enterprise Edition
    : Stand Plus + 32 vcpu per VM +virtual serial console port +storage API for array management + DRS scheduler +  Distributed Power management .

    Enterprise Plus
    : Enterprise + DSwitch +IO control network and Storage +Host profile+ auto deploy +Storage DRS + Policy driven storage
  2. vSphere Hypervisior : Its a free product that provides simple and easy way to get started with the virtualization . You can connect to it remotely using the vsphere client but you cant add it to Vcenter to manage . And there is a physical RAM limitation of 32 Gig .
  3. Vmware vSphere Desktop : Is designed to license the VDI deployment . Provides all the functionality of vSphere Enterprise Plus but it can be used for only VDI deployments and the third part connectors .It is based on the total number of Powered on virtual desktops. it can be purchased as part of a package or as a stand alone in pack of 100 VMs
  4. vSphere Kits :
    Essential Kit: Meant for small office deployment . It can be used for offices with 3 hosts and 2 CPU's each . Available in Enterprise and Enterprise Plus editions .It must be purchased along with a one-year subscription to software patches and updates. Support is optional and available on a per incident basis. Special edition is designed for branch office implementation . Starting order is available for 10 branch offices.

    Acceleration Kits : Each kit consists of six licenses for VMware vSphere, along with a license for one instance of a VMware vCenter Server Standard and a license for one instance of vSphere Storage Appliance . Unlike the Essentials Kits and VMware vSphere 4.x Acceleration Kits that function as single entity, VMware vSphere 5 Acceleration Kits decompose into their individual kit components after purchase. This allows customers to upgrade and renew SnS for each individual component on its own schedule.

  5. Vcenter Licence : This is one of the major component required for management of virtual platform
    vcenter server for Essential kits :integrated management of essential kit .
    vcenter server foundation : centralized management upto 3 vsphere hosts
    vcenter server standard : highly scalable mgmt for rapid provisioning . 


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