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Thursday, January 17, 2013

User Management - vSphere 5.1

In vsphere 5.1 every thing is handled using the SSO DataBase . 

Following Steps allow you to add three Groups 

  1. Vcenter Administrators 
  2. Read Only Access 
  3. Limited access

  1. Login to vsphere5.1 Web client .

    Note : Use the ID which was created during installation of SSO Module.

  2. Login to the vCenter Server and create following Local Groups

    => vcenter_Admin
    => vcenter_readonly
    => vcenter_NOC
  3. Add Vcenter_Admin to local Administrator Group
  4. Login to vSphere Client using admin access. Browse to Permission tab under vcenter.
     => Click on Add permission .
    =>  Select Appropriate role under ASSIGNED ROLE.  For Example - Select Read Only Role.
    => Under User and Groups Tab , click on ADD.
    => Under Domain select System -> select the Group vcenter_readonly->add
  5. Add the users to the respective local groups according to the User privilege.

    IMP Note : Don't forget to remove domain admins from Local Administrators groups in Vcenter server. 

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