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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Persistent and Non - Persistent


By default all the virtual disks are persistent - I.e Changes are written directly on the disk . And these disks are included in the snapshots . 

When you edit a virtual machine settings you will see an option called Independent  Mode. This means the disks are independent of the Snapshots . 

There are two options available
1. Persistent 
2. Non Persistent 

Persistent Disks - The disks are excluded from the snapshot and all the write options are permanent.

Non - Persistent - All the write options are temp. Changes are discarded when the virtual machine is re-set or powered off . If you restart the system , the data will still be available on the disk.Changes will be discarded only when the system is RESET or POWERED OFF.

VMware Documentation Link :


  1. We have VM and changed the disk type to Non - Persistent,
    To test we created few folders,
    shtudown the server and powered on, but still the folders were there.
    VM did not go to orginal state.

    How can i get the orginal state after making changes to server?
    As this helps in testing softwares.

    1. To answer to your question , the data will be deleted / discarded , only when the virtual machine is reset or powered Off. In case of reboot the changes are not discarded.