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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Local Admin account for ESXi

Previous version of ESXi hyper visors had a limitations of using single root user id for administration . With ESXi 5.1 vmware has introduced a new security feature which will allow administrators to create Named user ID and provide admin ( root equivalent ) access. 

Points to Note :

  1. You cannot create using vsphere web client
  2. User ID can be created using sphere windows client 
  3. User Id can also be created using the host profile( Enterprise Plus Edition )

Procedure : 
  1. Launch vsphere client  and connect to the ESXi host using root credentials 
  2. Browse to Local User and groups.
  3. rt click => Add new user.
  4. Provide the login ID , User Name and UID (User Name and UID are optional). Enter the password. 
  5. Specify whether user has the Shell access or no.
  6. In the permission tab , add the relevant permission to the named user.
You can even integrate the ESX host authentication with active Directory . It can be done by

  1. Connect to the ESX host via vsphere client using the root credentials 
  2. In the configuration tab , click on authentication services .  Enable active directory services in the directory service type.

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