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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

View the Logs - DCUI

DCUI Refers to Direct Console user Interface. Many of us like me are from Windows background and are not familiar with the  VI commands .  This post gives the basic commands that can be used to read the logs. 

When you log into the DCUI , you will see an option to read the system logs . When you select the option you would see the list of logs available . 

When you select a system log you will view the content of the Log file . When you hit "H" , you will see the help file with description of the keys .

Usually we would always want to start the troubleshooting from end of the file . To do so you can hit "G" it will take the cursor to end of the file and hit "g" to go to start of file. 

  1. To go to a particular file hit "100g"
  2. To search a word use "/error"


Friday, November 23, 2012

Snapshot of Physical Machine

 Many of us come across a situation where we want to Migrate a Physical server which is very critical  to business and we cannot afford the physical damage . 

We came across a great Open  Source software called Clone Zilla . Its a good software with proper instructions . 

You can find the instruction from below link